First look at sessions


Surprise_majorBIG NEWS! We’ve been working away on the programme and here’s a proper look at what you can expect.

Each link below will you take to a brief summation of what the session will be, who will be facilitating and what tag. We’re still working on a few items and the timings are still to be finalised, but hey here’s some stuff to get your teeth into.

Empowering women using the net

Bootstrapping a blockchain economy

Broadband update digital inclusion 

Curating Kiwi content

Digitally blended learning

Design right, design for all

Doing data journalism

Domain names 2014 and beyond

E-voting opportunities and challenges

The future of finance

A Global Concern

Govt Surveillance: Keep Calm & Carry On?

Learning right for working success

Lurkers to listeners-trolls to thought provokers 

NZ Internet research 

Online government 

Open data

Rural and remote connectivity

Participatory government 

Pushing play on content

Shared Care Health Records

Tertiary and lifelong learning

Who are you online?

Youth wellbeing