NZ Internet Research Network

Establishing the network – Internet researchers in New Zealand

Friday 2:55

Facilitators: Philippa Smith, Ellen Strickland.
Tags: Emerging Issues, Community, Education

e-Commerce, social media, virtual worlds, cybersecurity, activism online, crowd sourcing, copyright, gaming and computer mediated simulations, digital politics, online communities, the virtual public sphere, online journalism, digital literacy – these are just some of the areas internet researchers are studying in New Zealand.

But getting a good sense of who is doing what and at which academic institution is not easy with the rapid growth of internet studies in the
last 20 years. This Nethui session seeks to bring together academic researchers with a New Zealand focus for the sharing of ideas and
information on research, theory and methods, and possible collaboration.

It will provide the first steps in the planning of the first ever New Zealand internet researchers’ forum to be held at the Auckland University of Technology on the 1st of  December, 2014. Your input as to the direction that this forum and the  establishment of a network of New Zealand internet researchers will take will be invaluable. So bring your ideas and your  enthusiasm to this meeting whether you are a student, a lecturer or  interested party wanting to help shape this important researchers’ network.