Online Government

“Are we there yet?” – A stocktake of where we are, and where we’d like to be in a digital world.

Thursday 1:30

Facilitators: Richard Foy, Nadia Webster.
Tags: Community, Govt and Citizens

In April 2008 the NZ Herald columnist Anthony Doesburg wrote an article on “Bringing government services to the iPod generation“. Laurence Millar, head of the State Services Commission’s e-government unit was quoted as saying that the country is making good e-government progress, having “pretty much” transferred government services to the web. The next stage is greater agency integration. “You can do most things online now but you can’t yet do them in a joined-up way. So the ability to do that is one of the major themes.” So how far have we come along the online government journey, and ‘are we there yet’?