(Em)Powering Women Using the Net (Men Welcome Too)

Using the power of the Net as a force for good in moving beyond gender stereotypes and harnessing the diversity in our society.

Thursday 1:30

Facilitators: Viv Chandra, Emily Sutton.
Tags: Community, Culture.

Our society and our economy could advance in leaps and bounds if we were able to empower more women, using the net as a means of independence, prosperity, education and equality. In this session we will have a future focused facilitated conversation about what would help women to move forward, regardless of their circumstances. Ranging from the need for more Tech savvy, so parents encourage their girls into modern careers in technology and science and away from dying professions; through to: what we need to do to get more over 60s on line.

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  1. Being invited into a space encourages people to get involved. Social events with content shares are great too, like Girl Geek Dinners.