Lurkers, Listeners & Trolls

In the early days of social media “Lurkers” were treated with disdain. Now we celebrate those who understand the power of listening. In this session we will have a conversation about how we might harness or reframe the intellectual powers of the trolls and tykes, to facilitate better quality conversations and better behaviours across the net. If that fails, do we need Billy Goat Gruff to assign the trolls back to the dark reaches under the bridge?

Facilitators: Jennie Vickers, Merrin MacLeod.

Tags: Community, Internet and the Law.

In this session we will split the group into two, old fashioned debate style. One team will argue for legislative and rule based control on troll-like behaviours and the other team will argue for societal led behaviour change. We will have a short intro from the 2 team leaders and then see what happens!