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NetHui Videos

By David, 20 February 2015

To catch up on NetHui videos to relive the excitement, we’ve got all the previous year’s clips set up on a page for you. Video

NetHui Kaupapa

By Jordan, 14 July 2014

As a community event, one of the features of NetHui is a statement of kaupapa: a norms statement, if you will, of the sort of behaviour expected at the event. If you registered to attend, you saw this as part of the registration process. For those interested, and to keep it available, here is the… Read more

NetHui Friday lunchtime meetups, 12:55pm

By David, 11 July 2014

NZ 3: Job experience in the ICT sector, advice for new players NZ 4: Central and local Government Marlborough 1: i-Chive: Computer and IT history Marlborough 2: Open source Marlborough 3: NetHui women If you would like a twitterboard active please contact David on 021 294 5333

Barcamp, Friday programme

By David, 11 July 2014

Here is the programme for Friday’s barcamps Marlborough 1, 10:45 Barcamp Session 4: Gender issues Marlborough 3, 10:45 Barcamp Session 5: Online communities Marlborough 1, 11:50 Barcamp Session 6: Privacy Marlborough 3, 11:50 Barcamp Session 7: Education Marlborough 1, 1:50 Barcamp Session 8: Citizen science Marlborough 3, 1:50 Barcamp Session 9: Safety Marlborough 1, 2:55 Barcamp Session 10:… Read more

Want to watch live or take part?

By David, 9 July 2014

If you’re keen to be involved with NetHui but can’t make it, you’re in luck, we will be live streaming Thursday and Friday. All of it. All the Net. All the Hui. You can watch the live streams right here We’ve also got IRC going so you can ask helpful questions in the sessions. It’s… Read more

NetHui South

By David, 9 July 2014

We’re going with NetHuiSouth! 21-22 November in Christchurch. Visit the site and sign up to stay in touch. Have a nosey around, we’re taking ideas!    

Media release: Programme finalised, community excited!

By David, 8 July 2014

InternetNZ has announced that the programme for this week’s NetHui event has been finalised with an array of exciting, thought provoking sessions, panels and keynotes. The programme in its entirety can be found on the NetHui website InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says he is very excited about this year’s programme and the New… Read more

Accommodation deals

By David, 15 May 2014

With NetHui happening in Auckland this year and with people coming from far and wide to attend we thought it would be a good idea to find some accommodation deals for out-of-towners. Best Western President Hotel is offering the following deal to NetHui participants: $129 per night for a standard studio room or $149 for… Read more

Nethui: an update and a theme

By David, 6 May 2014

Your programme suggestions have been pouring in, and for that we are grateful. You’ve now got until early next week before we’re closing the door on programme suggestions, so get in now!

NetHui 2014: We want to hear from you

By David, 25 March 2014

NetHui isn’t a conference run by InternetNZ. It’s a collaborative, multistakeholder gathering where we all set the agenda. To that end, we want to hear your suggestions for the programme and we want you to get involved. What we’re looking for is programme suggestions – i.e. keynote speakers, topics for panels and sessions, side event ideas… Read more