Nethui: an update and a theme

Glaskugel_CrystalBallYour programme suggestions have been pouring in, and for that we are grateful. You’ve now got until early next week before we’re closing the door on programme suggestions, so get in now!So aside from your brilliant programme suggestions, we’ve been doing some work behind the scenes. First off, we’ve decided a theme for this year’s event:


In case you didn’t know, the Internet turned 25 in New Zealand as of April this year. We thought that it was time we got out our crystal balls and had a look into what we think the Internet will become, what we hope the Internet will become and how we can bridge the gap between those two.

To find out more about how easy it is to take part – and at what level you can do so – visit our “How to NetHui” page which is filled with incredibly useful information.

So the details this year are:

July 9 – 11, Sky City Auckland

The next 25 years!

2 Responses to “Nethui: an update and a theme”

  1. How about inviting Glenn Greenwald as international keynote??

  2. How about having a NetMaori stream that discussed the internet in Te Ao Maori?