NetHui Kaupapa

As a community event, one of the features of NetHui is a statement of kaupapa: a norms statement, if you will, of the sort of behaviour expected at the event.

If you registered to attend, you saw this as part of the registration process. For those interested, and to keep it available, here is the text:

NetHui is a community event where everyone’s opinions and ideas are equally valued. The event is open to all people regardless of age, background, gender or ethnicity.

A respectful open attitude towards others is expected from all participants, speakers, exhibitors and volunteers. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the event.

As seems to the be case with many large events, there were moments in 2014 where the fundamentals of this kaupapa was not upheld. This matters because it affects the experience people have of NetHui. Without a norm of inclusion and equality, the NetHui community diminishes the ability of some to contribute. With that absence, everyone suffers – and the ability to provide a platform that can really see us “shaping our future together” is reduced.

My challenge is to see us all living up to this ambition of kind, decent and right-minded behaviour – not just at NetHui, but in all parts of our diverse Internet community.

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