NetHui 2014: We want to hear from you

NetHui isn’t a conference run by InternetNZ. It’s a collaborative, multistakeholder gathering where we all set the agenda. To that end, we want to hear your suggestions for the programme and we want you to get involved.

What we’re looking for is programme suggestions – i.e. keynote speakers, topics for panels and sessions, side event ideas – that kind of thing. We want as much community involvement as you can shake a stick at. A big community sized stick.

We’re also keen on hearing from people who want to be involved in NetHui – as a facilitator, as a volunteer or any other capacity you can think of. To do this, please fill out the contributor’s form. You can also use the form to submit your programme ideas privately if you’d prefer that to posting a comment on our planning page.

With your help, and our help, we’re hoping that NetHui 2014 will be the best one so far. Or at least a damn good time.


One Response to “NetHui 2014: We want to hear from you”

  1. I’d like to see more discussion about Wikipedia in NZ, especially given the recent cutbacks to Te Ara, and the launch of parallel-Wikipedia sites like NZ Birds Online. I’m starting a community Wikipedia initiative in Whanganui, and there’s potential for the libraries/archives/museums sector to lead on this. WikiNZ has also been a great success, and we need to look at ways to make more public information accessible, and give citizens an opportunity to choose they way it’s presented, rather than receiving official Government infographics. Which links to the increased importance of data and stats in journalism, with the Listener now recruiting a university blogger as their stats columnist.