A typical Nethui session lead by a facilitator but involving all in the room

NetHui isn’t a conference run by InternetNZ. It’s a collaborative, multistakeholder gathering where we all set the agenda. To that end, we want to hear your suggestions for the programme and we want you to get involved.

If you would like to be a part of the programme planning, there is a meeting on Tuesday, May 27 at 5:30pm. We are still keen on hearing from people who want to be involved in NetHui – as a facilitator, as a volunteer or any other capacity you can think of. To get involved or to attend the meeting, please email



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  1. NetHui has done amazingly well attracting specific sectors including government, education, health and more. I’m thinking now about what will be more attractive to the general business sector. It has been suggested not so much looking for a business stream but some specific presentation-style sessions at the start of each day that will make sense and be easily justifyable for them to attend. Then they will hopefully stay for discussion sessions they are interested in. This may suggest a general model for all sectors of first sessions each day being very specific topic-wise to a sector then the latter sessions each day being where topics are more general and have crossover and sectors mix.

    • I reckon this goes with my thoughts later about SME’s and how to get them using the internet as more than a one off statement of who and where they are. Breakfast sessions if there was a sponsor?

  2. Hi Internet NZ – great initiative.

    We’ve had a lot of interest and feedback on our move into the provision of
    Internet TV. We’d be keen to discuss entertainment as part of the digital life
    and how content can drive uptake of fibre.


    Conor Roberts
    Telecom Head of Public Affairs

  3. I’ve been thinking around some of the discussions at the members meeting and even with a group of around 10 there were probably about 20 opinions about what the digital divide was, how to fix it and about the only area of agreement was that there was a digital divide. I wonder if we did a session that just aims to crowdsource a definition and priority list for rye DD in NZ would be useful. At the moment INZ has shifted its focus but the target is still nebulous if you get around the table.

    Kev Prince

  4. Another angle on the Digital Divide that could be worth tackling follows from the figures on web usage by business that Jordan posted the other day.

    1. How do we educate so that those businesses aren’t captured by the aggressive selling of things like Wix sites (which tend to look horrible and are never going to be accessible) versus proper sites built to actually serve their needs.

    2. Again, education but how do we get the businesses to actually use them effectively. In my wives sector the number of sites proudly proclaiming their availability for 2009 or price increases to come 5 years ago is frightening. They’d almost be better to not have one.

    3 In my other hobby a magazine has a sight showing it’s current issue to be the previous one and the picture accompanying is of the previous one to that. It’s a quarterly. They also have an about us that reads “[few lines of guff?]” and they spell their company name wrong(twice). Their inbox, as advertised in the print mag, is returning a ‘capacity exceeded’ message.

    We’re not serving the SME sector well if that’s the state of the beast – how does Internet NZ get involved in ensuring that the digital world gets the attention it deserves.

    This is

  5. Kia ora e te whanau o NetHui. Thanks once again for this incredible opportunity to meet like minds and to hear inspiring korero. We’re interested in sharing digital strategies within social enterprise, see some cool new tech, learn more from fellow citizen journalists (and what rights & protection do we/don’t we have) and hope a Maori Meet-Up is again being planned. Last year was inspired. Great ideas already coming thru too, so awesome and can’t wait to be there!

    • Nei ra te mihi ki a koe geekgirl3. I haven’t been to a NetHui before work for CORE Education Ltd and am passionate about e-learning, particularly digital technologies to support Māori learners and culturally responsive practice in our kura and mainstream schools. Any speakers/presenters lined up around this kaupapa?Reading your comment has inspired me to attend this conference – a Māori meet up sounds great & obv points to a conference that caters to our special bicultural nation!

      • Hi Tamara/GeekGirl3.141 – drop me a line on

        • Tena koutou,

          Great ideas from all of you. I guess the ethics involved with mass surveillance is very topical at the moment. Since the conference will be in Auckland maybe something about the Microsoft and Auckland CityNext project. Cisco and Smart Cities. I would love to hear discussion around the opportunities of public investment / participation in the infrastructure involved with running a smart city, i.e., joe public carrying a transponder while in the city which through some NZ made software (I hope) provides real time data to the city. Could be traffic, could be congestion, could be how the long the line is as Mcdonalds queen Street. Something that will effect most of us in the future who live in big cities. He whakaaro noaiho

  6. I’d like there to be a discussion on how to get more women involved in presenting at conferences, attending conferences and working in IT in general.

    I don’t have much experience in this (and I’m not even sure I will be at Nethui!) but I help to organise Kiwicon and we’re very keen to be as open and inclusive as possible to all who wish to attend.
    I’d be happy to share what we’re already doing to encourage this – ultimately I’d like there to be a discussion on how we and everyone else can do better.

    • Yep would like to be involved in a discussion about this. Would be interesting to get a few NZ conference organisers on a panel – WDCNZ and Webstock both have/had half women speakers this year, Codemania just under a third.. would be good to have a discussion about this to hear what’s working for them

      • Third this suggestion!

        • Fourth it!! 🙂

    • Hi…I’ve been attending the NetHui for the past three years and couldn’t agree more. I know someone who has been championing this cause through encouraging more girls to study IT and then helping them network with the industry. She is Mahsa Mohaghegh, a programme leader and lecturer in the Department of Computing at Unitec. She has been named ‘Emerging Leader’ in the inaugural New Zealand Women of Influence Awards.

    • While I agree the idea is a good one in practice there have not been many good solutions. A single speaker may not be able adequately address the issues and solutions. NetHui is a good venue for this discussion though and a panel or group session may be better at getting the issues out there to recognize them, address them and then provide options to further pursue them. As a mechanical and software engineer in many environments there have been many instances I have found that show issues are still present and abounding. With many women being forced to leave their jobs or not getting them. There is a huge culture shift to address. One that may never change fully, or change at all. You only need to see the Women Leaders@Google video, or look at the hiring schemes and education directions to see where the culture is still so antiquated, inefficient and, (I hate to use this word), misogynist. Perhaps instead of encouraging women into studying for these fields perhaps there needs to be more hiring of women for these roles to even cope with the current demand or women coming out of education into the fields.

  7. Would like to have a discussion about teaching, learning, and the technical community – sounds vague but really I just want to trade notes with people who organise tech meetups, user groups, and outreach events around NZ

    • I’d like this too. I’d also like to talk about how the industry can best support educators to teach tech. I want to talk about the tools we use and how we could do better.

      • Merrin/Nat – great to see – we’re pulling together a planning meeting shortly and hope to include most of the topics suggested, alternatively an education side event would be great. Could you drop me a line on to add you to the direct mailing list.

        • I’d be really happy to give a paper on my experience with using technology tools in planning for papakainga. I can do an update and follow on from this presentation I gave to the Maori GIS Conference last year.

    • I’d be keen on this too. I run a web dev meetup here in Auckland, and have been involved in upskilling devs in a variety of manners. e.g. I taught at Natcoll, and was part of the team that created, a platform for people to learn web development.

  8. I would like to see discussion based around what is currently going on in Mexico

    and what we can learn from that situation. Big data is a major for the future. Also I would like to hear discussion around the Internet or Everything work that Cisco and others are working on. What it means for New Zealand and how to best leverage this technology in New Zealand.

    • Thanks Lenny – we’re just pulling themes together – could you drop me an email on so I can include your ideas.

  9. Hi All,

    Apologies we’ve been a little quiet on this forum, we’re currently collating ideas from here and the response forms so that we can create an outline plan for discussion with all interested parties.

    Drop me a line on so I can ensure you all get the emails around this – I’ll post here too of course.

    Nethui Team

  10. Open Badges (, a standards approach to digital badges initiated by the Mozilla Foundation but now under the, are a new way of recognising people’s skills, knowledge and supporting lifelong learning.

    As a country with a large uptake and tradition of open education tools already (Moodle, Mahara, OER, etc) already, New Zealand could be in a unique position to adopt open badges to support lifelong learning across the country.

    This session could include:
    An introduction to Open Badges
    Cities of Learning projects in US
    Learning Design for Open Badges
    Open Badges and assessment
    Informal and formal learning
    And more…

    • Wow that is Cool! 😀 I just earnt my first few badges and it was fuN! = WIN

    • Hi Joyce, like the sound of that – would love to have you involved in the planning meeting for the program. Can you email us on or keep watching for more details (preferably drop us a line)

    • I second what Joyce said – having worked with Mozilla on a digital badging initiative in the US, I can see the potential Digital Badging holds for NZ. But it’s not very well understood. Presenting the idea, with real life applications at Net Hui is a great opportunity……

  11. There’s a lot of interesting work being done around the government’s “Result 10” goal to make it easy for New Zealanders to carry out government transactions using a digital channel. People may be interested to hear more about how that’s progressing?

    Within the programme there are some distinct areas of work which might make good session topics – e.g. what the team who are redeveloping the have learned from their work to make government information much more user-centred.

    Similarly, we know that people currently get help (or will need to get help) to use government digital channels – e.g. whether from family or friends or from a library or CAB. We’re doing some work on “Assisted Digital” – the ways people get help to use a digital channel and it would be interesting to discuss with a wider group – e.g. how is this working well now? What needs are people seeing? I’d be keen on a session or three around various elements of Assisted Digital.

  12. What we’d like to see
    1) Live editing of transcripts using Google docs has been amazing. Please do this again!
    2) We’d love to see participants take us out into the streets of Auckland. Last year’s NetHui launched the Facebook campaign for Worldwide Wellington Week)
    3) More Maori connections! Thanks to NetHui we’ve learned about TangataWhenua and Hika Lite.
    4) Coverage of NZ tourism and conservation. While we understand that the event is focused on internet/computer policy, our ears perk up when you show how the travel and nature sectors in NZ are taking to the open web.
    5) Google+ hangouts. It would be great to get some of the participants and speakers together before the hui and afterwards, why not host a #NetHui hangout?

  13. It would be good to get back to solid streams. Last year there were a couple of education sessions and a closed door dinner put on by 20/20 trust but the sessions just kind of felt all over the place (you couldn’t plan a day around it).

  14. Hi all, I am coming to my first Nethui and I am involved in organising 2 sessions. I am wondering what, in previous years, were the features of the best sessions? Did they have clear outcomes with actions? were they inspiring and galvanising or just intellectually stimulating and thought provoking? or something else totally different?