Jump start

Jumpstart is the ideal way to inform, enthuse and jumpstart your Nethui. Through the day we’ll have some great speakers but you’ll also get involved in discussion and Q&A with them. We also want to build a picture of the web you’d like to see over the next 25 years and will be taking the view of Jumpstart forward to the opening panel on Wednesday.

If that wasn’t enough there will be opportunities to be more directly involved by impromptu ‘lightning talks’ where you get the mic and the assembled throng for 3 to 5 minutes on your passion (as long as it is net related). This may well trigger interest in a barcamp session: we’ll be working on that stream during Jumpstart too so if you see a gap in the program that needs to be filled and a group of like-minded people to get together then here’s the place to plan it (the BarCamp has session slots available over Thursday and Friday).

The talks are aimed at a broad range of the topics that will be covered in more detail during Thursday and Friday so that you’re up to speed going in and ready to discuss. There’ll be something for all from first time attendees to old hands covering:

  • 0955   Jordan Carter                       Governance
  • 1100   Rohan McMahon                 UFB/RBI and connecting the Pipes
  • 1130   Daniel Specter                      Open Source Software
  • 1200   Neil jarvis/Jason Kiss          Accessibility
  • 1330   Philippa Smith                     World Internet Project
  • 1400   Barbara Craig                       Digital Divide
  • 1430   Murray Sherwin                   Business Opportunities/Innovation
  • 1530   Tim Henwood                       Privacy by Design
  • 1600   Jumpstart Team                  Barcamp Prep and Vision for the next 25 years            .

We look forward to seeing you there – join in the buzz on twitter at #Nethui #JumpStart

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