Mozilla Birds of a Feather

Wednesday 9 July, 5:15pm
Nethui 2014, SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland

Mozilla Birds of a Feather is an informal get-together for the Mozilla community in NZ, and anyone interested in what Mozilla is doing. Come and talk, meet people in the Mozilla community, ask questions, and see how you can become involved. We’ll be discussing whatever people are interested in – including topics such as Firefox, Firefox OS, Open Badges, Persona, Firefox Accounts, Mozilla-Knight OpenNews, WebMaker, Gigabit Fund, WebFWD, web standards work, etc.

We’ll also have a show-and-tell, for people in the Mozilla community to show off what they’re most excited about or have been working on.

Organised by Blair McBride, who’s spent the past 5 years helping build Firefox at Mozilla