Meetup: Civil Liberties Online

When: 5:15pm Wednesday
Room: TBC, Sky City Auckland
Who: Thomas Beagle
Host Organisations: Tech Liberty and NZ Council for Civil Liberties
Surveillance, privacy, internet filtering, censorship, identity, freedom, democracy.
From Wikipedia: “Civil liberties are rights in freedom that protect an individual from the government of the nation in which they reside. Civil liberties set limits on government so that its members cannot abuse their power and interfere unduly with the lives of private citizens. Common civil liberties include the rights of people, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, and additionally, the right to due process, to a trial, to own property, and to privacy.”
Concerned about the erosion of people’s civil liberties in the digital world? Worried that governments seem to think that we give up our traditional rights as soon as we do something on the internet rather than on paper or in person? Want to come up with solutions that help us realise the benefits of the internet without losing our freedoms?
Come along to chat to some like minded people who will then try to persuade you to help.