Digital storytelling as responsible citizens

When:  Thursday, July 10th 6:30 pm
Who:  Thomasin Sleigh, Andrew Cowie
Host Organisation: Digital NZ and National Library

A new narrative of storytelling has been woven into our digital spaces in a variety of ways. From memes to info-graphics to personal blogs and video channels, the mechanisms and tools we have are vast and ubiquitous. But, what are the challenges we face as educators in supporting best practice with the appropriate use of content? How do we model this process with teachers and students?

Join us for an open discussion about re-use, search tools, copyright, and creativity in New Zealand schools. Thomasin Sleigh from DigitalNZ and Andrew Cowie from the National Library’s Services to Schools team will present on some of the National Library’s work in this area, before opening up the discussion to the audience to hear their concerns and ideas, and workshop some potential solutions.