Creative Commons meet-up: Generation open

Wednesday 9 July, 2014
5.15 to 6.30pm
Sky City, Auckland.
Room TBD

Over the last four years, New Zealand’s culture and knowledge has become indisputably more open. Schools, universities, libraries, public agencies and artists from across the country are releasing their work into the commons.

The commons in New Zealand is growing. But what does this mean for the next generation of artists, writers, researchers and educators? What are their views on copyright, sharing and reuse? And what can we look forward to in the years ahead?

Join us for a wide-ranging, open conversation on the future of the commons in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We’ll discuss how kiwi culture and knowledge — including textbooks, literature, music and research — is being released for everyone, free of charge, and free of all legal and technical restrictions.

Special guests TBD.

This meetup will take place after the Nethui conference proceedings on Wednesday 9 July. You don’t need to attend the Nethui conference to attend this meetup, though it is encouraged!

Please RSVP here.