Digital Rights with the Parliamentary Internet Forum

Internet Rights, what they are and how they are managed, including national and legislative approaches to Digital Rights, has been a hot topic this year internationally.
This panel will discuss different views on what Digital Rights are, as well as approaches to them referencing the recent Internet Bill of Rights legislation in Brazil as well as exploring perspectives on more informal ways of securing these rights, such as a people’s charter. Open floor discussion with NetHui participants will be held to share perspectives on Digital Rights and how to address them in New Zealand.


Rick Shera: partner, Lowndes Jordan; chair, Netsafe; director, Network for Learning; advisory board member, DigitalNZ.


Clare Curran, MP, Labour
Gareth Hughes, MP. Greens
Tracey Martin, MP, NZ First
Simon O’Connor, MP, National
Judge David Harvey
Neil Jarvis, Executive Director Strategic Relations, Accessibility at Blind Foundation