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First look at sessions

By David, 26 June 2014

  BIG NEWS! We’ve been working away on the programme and here’s a proper look at what you can expect. Each link below will you take to a brief summation of what the session will be, who will be facilitating and what tag. We’re still working on a few items and the timings are still… Read more

We want you! To organise some meet-ups.

By David, 24 June 2014

There are still a few rooms available for open meet-ups at Nethui on the Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Meetups of approximately 60-90 minutes can be held on topics related to the Internet issues discussions which make up NetHui. These are usually organised by community organisations or groups, and we ask they be designed to be… Read more

Exciting programme taking shape

By David, 19 June 2014

NetHui 2014 continues to come together as more announcements can be made about the programme. This year’s major panel will be made up of some of Oceania’s brightest minds discussing the future of the Internet in keeping with this year’s theme of the Next 25 Years of the Internet. APNIC’s Chief Scientist Geoff Houston will… Read more


By David, 13 June 2014

InternetNZ and Catalyst  are pleased to announce that applications are now open for fellowships to attend NetHui 2014 at Sky City, Auckland, July 9-11. Apply for a Fellowship using the Application Form at the bottom of this page (due to the vagaries of Google Forms, we recommend tabbing through the browser as it scrolls down… Read more