How to ‘NetHui’

Nethui isn’t like a conference – it’s not a barcamp and we don’t just sit and listen to speakers and experts– it’s a collaborative coming together of anyone and everyone interested in the Internet– how it works, how it could work, and what you can do because it works.

NetHui involves a range of different formats. There are workshops, keynotes and plenary panels, and at the heart of NetHui are one hour long discussion sessions which come from the NetHui community on all kinds of topics and issues. There are also evening side events in conjunction with the community and we try to have some fun as well, with networking drinks and a movie night.

NetHui is a community event where everyone’s opinions and ideas are equally valued. The event is open to all people regardless of age, background, gender or ethnicity. A respectful open attitude towards others is expected from all participants, speakers, exhibitors and volunteers. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the event.

So how *do* you ‘NetHui’?


Engage in NetHui Programme Planning

Share your ideas and thoughts for the programme:

  • Suggest a discussion sessions topic
  • Offer ideas for panels, keynotes or side events

Offer your thoughts by:

  • Commenting on the programme planning page
  • Using the Contribute form
  • Tweeting to @NetHuiNZ or #NetHui

Become a part of NetHui If you’re interested offer to be a:

  • Session facilitator or contributor
  • Collaborative note taking coordinators
  • Side event host or run a Day One Workshop
  • Event volunteers
  • Mic runners

NetHui gathers and collates suggestions and will use these to build a tentative program of themes. We use Tags for sessions which reflect themes and areas of interest. Tags include:

  • Access
  • Culture
  • Business
  • Education
  • Emerging Issues
  • Safety and security
  • Internet and the law
  • Health

Your programme suggestions often have elements of crossover and we receive more suggestions than we have rooms to present them in. This means that once your programme input is finished, we call interested parties together for a programme meeting to review the programme suggestions and themes. This meeting is an opportunity to provide feedback on and input into the NetHui programme. Community input on the programme input helps create balance, fills any gaps and brings together interested parties to make sessions happen.

These meetings will be both in-person and via conference to ensure the widest number of people can attend.

After this programme meeting, NetHui organisers will confirm sessions which are going into the programme. Each session has two facilitators and facilitators are asked to agree and coordinate a name for the session, a brief description and to drum up contributors and interested people to join in at NetHui. Don’t panic about being left to sort a session unaided as we’ll try and group like-minded volunteers and provide support. The outcome will be a draft program with speakers/session facilitators identified and able to fill in detail.

As well as making a draft programme of sessions, there will unallocated barcamp sessions on days 2 and 3 to allow for the spontaneity that makes NetHui so good. These barcamp sessions will be developed and agreed at the KickStart workshop on Day One.

Closer to the day we will hold a Facilitators training and meet-up session, this will be an opportunity to learn about and share techniques and experiences for making the most of the sessions. This meeting takes place about 10 days before NetHui and was a popular event last year to meet other members of the NetHui community and get ready for the event. Again there will be a mix of in-person and conference call to get maximum coverage.

Attend Nethui: How it works during the event

  • Speak up in sessions – a microphone will be available to ensure the live streamed participants can join in.
  • Everyone has an equal voice at NetHui, use yours.
  • Attend Kickstart on day one & help shape the Barcamp sessions
  • Follow, and contribute to, #nethui on Twitter
  • Follow sessions online through remote participation and collaborative notes.
  • Try attending sessions outside your direct interests.
  • Enjoy the conversation, make connections and build on them after Nethui.

Day One of NetHui is a bit different, as it is a workshop day where separate one day sessions run around different areas of interest. If none of the focused workshops appeal to you, the main workshop is called KickStart and is the place to be, run barcamp style and a great way to meet people and get your ideas flowing for the rest of NetHui.

For Days Two and Three, NetHui starts with everyone coming together for a keynote or panel to get things started and then the confererence splits into a number of session that run concurrently. You are welcome, and encouraged, to choose individual sessions and move freely between them. The only stipulation is that sessions start on time so please be prompt. Some sessions are more popular than others – be prepared to stand!

All the sessions are recorded and live streamed. To facilitate this there are mic runners in each room – please wait for a microphone to ensure your point of view is heard by all.

The Facilitator’s job is not to lead the conversation but to set the scene, keep things flowing and to sum up at the end. While they will try to prevent things getting bogged down they are there to ensure that the conversation belongs to all the participants. This way of working can take a little getting used to but it has proven itself powerful in bringing out themes that the facilitator wasn’t aware of and building new networks.

At key points in the day we’ll come together again for a speaker or to drink coffee and eat the excellent meals. You’re not required to partake of the catering but it’s high quality networking time so we do encourage you to take up that option when you register or make lunchtime plans with others attending.

In the evenings, there are a number of side events that will be organised – some formally, others will coalesce around an issue or group on the day and Nethui provides space for these to happen.

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